Thursday, August 4, 2011

I wish I was more organised!

Yep, I admit it!

But at least I've given myself a fighting chance.

I'm using the Corporate organiser in my handbag lately. I like it! I can find my pen, phone, glasses and I've got somewhere to put those pesky receipts.

But my favourite thing? When I look into my bag and see that my organiser has an empty pocket, it jogs my memory that I've forgotten something (almost always my glasses)! Yes, the ones that I don't really need. The Red Dot 1.5+ magnification plastic ones.

but don't take my word for it  --

I like my organiser because of all the 'stuff' that I like to carry in my handbag is accessible. Saves time as I just lift the organizer out of one bag into another. Everything is still in the same place and I don't forget anything. Especially my phone!! Jeanette.

My bragbags organiser is relativelty compact, and I can take my organiser to the gym, in my gym bag without the extra bulk, and I always know where everything is. Runi

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